Dan Warsinger is an experienced Yosemite National Park photographer specializing in weddings, engagements, elopements, recommitments events, and family portraits.

Not every photographer is experienced in every location. A photographer who can take great pictures by the Golden Gate Bridge may not be able to capture the moment in Yosemite. Make sure the photographer you hire for your special event has experience in Yosemite photo shoots. Yosemite can be an exceptionally tricky environment for a photo shoot to run smoothly in.  Dan has been photographing weddings, couples, engagements events, and families in Yosemite National Park for over 30 years, so if you want the best you just found him.

Official Yosemite Photographer

Dan Warsinger's history as a professional photographer dates back more than 30 years in all aspects of photography. From sports events to the official photographer for the "Bracebridge Dinner", portraits at the Ahwahnee Hotel during the holiday season, and more than 100 weddings and family portraits each year.  Presently, he is a staff photographer for Yosemite Concessions Services Corporation. This position takes him into all aspects of photography. From leading the "Yosemite Sunrise Photo" workshops, to books, postcards, calendars, photo journalism, family portraits, and now Internet digital photography. For the past 14 years he has started many mornings by leading the Yosemite Photo Workshops.

Experienced Yosemite Photographer

As you might imagine, this position has enabled him to locate and identify where all the really great photo opportunities are in, and around Yosemite, and more specifically near the Yosemite Chapel, and Ahwahnee Hotel. (To contact the Yosemite Valley Chapel or view their official web site, visit: No photographer could possibly photograph all, or even most of the weddings in Yosemite, however, Dan photographs more weddings than any other photographer.



Yosemite Weddings

Weddings are Dan's specialty and you will find him super easy to work with on your special day. Think about it, for most people the only thing left after the wedding day is the bride's dress, the rings and any photographs or videos you have taken. Your photos are such an important piece of your memories why take a chance with someone less experienced in Yosemite photography?

Yosemite Elopement

Looking for a quick mid week elopement? Give us a call often we have mid week dates open and we can give special pricing for open dates less than two weeks out. Just because you're are tying the knot fast does not mean it should not be a special day. Dan will take the rush out and put some calm and beauty into your day.

Yosemite Events

Do you have a special event planned? Dan will capture the moment forever for you. Corporate event? Club event? Maybe just some long time friends getting together. Whatever the case may be Dan knows the park, other local vendors, venues and any thing else you might need better than any other photographer. Call today and assure your event will be a success.

Yosemite Family Portraits

Getting an entire family together for portraits at home can be hard enough. But add to that a trip to Yosemite, and getting the best photography can be extra tough. Remember this special time with family with portraits from the best Yosemite family photographer there is.

Yosemite Engagements

Getting engaged can be a very special time. The ring, the look, the love. Capture it all forever with an engagement package from Dan. He knows the part and will make sure everything is perfect.

Yosemite Recommitments

What better way to say I still love you than to have a recommitment ceremony. Dan will make sure that your memories are recorded and that everything is beautiful.

"I have photographed more Yosemite weddings than any other wedding photographer currently working in the Yosemite Region." - Dan Warsinger

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