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About Dan Warsinger

Yosemite Wedding Photographer
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Dan Warsinger's history as a professional photographer dates back more than 30 years in all aspects of photography. From sports events to the official photographer for the "Bracebridge Dinner", portraits at the Ahwahnee Hotel during the holiday season, and more than 100 weddings and family portraits each year. Now over 2,000!

Presently, he is a staff photographer for Yosemite Concessions Services Corporation. This position takes him into all aspects of photography. From leading the "Yosemite Sunrise Photo" workshops, to books, postcards, calendars, photo journalism, family portraits, and now Internet digital photography. For the past 14 years he has started many mornings by leading the Yosemite Photo Workshops.

As you might imagine, this position has enabled him to locate and identify where all the really great photo opportunities are in, and around Yosemite, and more specifically near the Yosemite Chapel, and Ahwahnee Hotel. (To contact the Yowemite Valley Chapel or view their official web site, visit: Any one photographer could not possibly photograph all, or even most of the weddings in Yosemite, however, he photographs more weddings than any other photographer.
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Yosemite Chapel

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Yosemite Chapel
Dan photographs more than 100 weddings a year. He has experience photographing a Yosemite wedding! Dan is one of the most experienced wedding and special event photographer currently working in the Yosemite region. An important note about his style of photography is that he is an "environmental photographer." What that means is that he always tries to include some part of the natural environment in your photos. He uses Yosemite as the backdrop for your beautiful wedding portraits, whether it be sitting on an old log, or just a foot on a rock, Yosemite Falls, Half Dome, or interacting with a small natural scene by the Merced River. Dan always thinks environmentally!

Yosemite Wedding Galleries
The following galleries present examples of Dan's beautiful photography. The Wedding Galleries include wedding photographs taken against various Yosemite backgrounds. The Art Galleries are a collection of Dan's favorite Yosemite Scenes, and may be purchased (see Photo Order Form).

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